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The Benefits Of Hardwood
Maximum Beauty
Wood has been appreciated for hundreds of years for its exceptional durability and
natural beauty. Hardwood flooring has been popular since Renaissance time.
Hardwood has quickly regained a strong market share in the modern floor covering
industry. More and more people are returning to the unique warmth and timeless
beauty of wood. With a vast array of species available in variety of grades and
dimensions, the creative and design possibilities are virtually limitless.

Minimum Care
Hardwood floors with urethane finishes are among the easiest of all floors to
maintain. General maintenance is to simply sweep or vacuum and damp mop as
needed, usually about once a week. Unlike older wood floor finishes that people may
recall, todayís polyurethane finishes donít require any polishing, waxing, or buffing.
Maintenance couldnít be any easier.

Health Advantages
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists carpet as a major
contributor to poor indoor air quality due to its harsh chemical makeup, including
formaldehyde. In addition, carpets trap dust, molds and animal dander that are
impossible to completely remove. Since it is so simple to thoroughly clean hardwood
floors, many healthcare professionals recommend them for people who suffer from
asthma or allergies.

Exceptional Value
The cost of the many types of hardwood flooring, with installation and finishing, is
comparable to other high quality floor coverings. Where as carpet needs replacing
after an average of seven years a property cared for wood floors often wonít require
major renovation for ten to fifteen years. Plus, instead of periodically having to
completely replace your floor covering, genuine wood flooring can be resurfaced or
sanded and refinished as needed. The wood itself can last a century or more! Finally,
when it comes time to sell, realtors widely recognize wood flooring as adding
significantly to the desirability and value of a home.

Environmentally Responsible
Wood is one of the few natural resources on earth that is at once renewable,
recyclable, biodegradable and re-usable. The energy required to grow our timber
supply is free, it comes from the sun! The hardwood flooring industry takes great
interest in the proper stewardship of our timber resources. For its own well-being, it
is highly dependant on a sustainable program of selective harvesting and replanting.
In fact, every day the forest industry, together with federal and state forest agencies
plants over 6 million new trees! Because of this solid commitment to sound
management, the U.S. Forest Service reports there is now more healthy hardwood
forest in America than at any time since the mid-nineteenth century.

With an eye for beauty and desire for accuracy, Delaware's Finest Hardwood Floors delivers only the highest quality available
With an eye for beauty and desire for accuracy, Delaware's Finest Hardwood Floors delivers only the highest quality available

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