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Cleaning Products
We carry an assortment of products for protecting
and cleaning hardwood floors, Including:
Heavy-duty felt floor protectors in a
versatile variety of shapes and
Specialized floor cleaner in both
ready-to-use and concentrated

Accessories to enhance your floor's
appearance and function -such as custom
wood vents that can be flush-mounted into a
new floor - are also available. Please call for
complete information.

The First Few Days
Use your newly finished wood floor with special care for the first few days after the final finish has
been applied. While you can generally walk carefully on the floor the day after finishing, it is
recommended that furniture not be placed on the floor for 72 hours. Cleaning products and area
rugs should not be used on the floor for the first week to accommodate final curing of the finish.

Moving Furniture
It is very important that great care be taken when moving heavy furniture and appliances onto or
across a wood floor. Whenever possible, items should be lifted and placed carefully onto the floor.
Never roll or slide heavy objects directly across the floor. When large items must be slid or rolled
across, be sure to place a protective layer over the entire area that the item will make contact with
the floor. Lay down a sheet or blanket directly on the floor then place a layer of hard material such as
masonite or thin plywood on top. Cardboard is not a suitable material for protecting the floor in
these situations.

Protecting Your Wood Floor
Be sure to use heavy-duty felt floor protectors on all your chairs and other furniture that is likely to be
moved. They are a simple and inexpensive way to prevent scratching and scuffing of the floor and
can be easily replaced when needed.
Keep high heel shoes in good repair, as heels that have lost their protective caps will likely cause
indentations in any hard floor surface. Also, keep pet’s toe nails trimmed and smooth.

Cleaning Your Wood Floor
Clean your floor frequently using a soft broom, an untreated dust mop, or a vacuum cleaner with a
soft brush attachment. Keeping grit off of the floor in this manner will prevent premature wearing of
the finish more than anything else you can do. Wipe up any spills or sticky spots with a dry or slightly
dampened cloth as soon as possible.
Wash your floor weekly, or as needed, with a damp (not dripping wet) sponge or string mop, using a
cleaner that is specifically made for use with urethane type floor finishes. Follow the directions on
the label for correct application. Do Not clean your floor with regular household cleaners such as
Pine Sol, 409, Fantastik, ammonia or vinegar. Never use waxes, polishes, or other treatments
advertised to be used on wood. All of these products may leave a residue that can make the floor
slippery, appear dull and interfere with future re-coatings.

Humidity Control
Every wood floor will experience movement as atmospheric conditions surrounding it change. It is
strongly recommended that a humidity control system be used in homes with wood floors to
minimize this movement. The ideal humidity condition for a wood floor is between 40% and 50%. If
humidity levels drop below 40%, use a humidifier to prevent excessive separation between boards.
If humidity levels rise above 50%, use air conditioning or ventilate with fans to prevent cupping or

Using Area Rugs
Many people will place area rugs somewhere on their wood floor. Using rugs that are “breathable”
and not rubber-backed are preferable.
However, areas covered by rugs will, with time, change color differently than uncovered areas, due
to different exposure to light and air. This is especially true with very light or very dark floors. In many
cases this discoloration can only be removed by sanding the floor.

Re-Coating Your Floor
As your floor begins to show wear and does not clean easily, re-coating with additional finish is
recommended. A wood floor with typical use will need re-coating approximately every 6 or 7 years.
Contact a hardwood floor professional when re-coating becomes necessary.

Taking Care Of Hardwood Floors
With an eye for beauty and desire for accuracy, Delaware's Finest Hardwood Floors delivers only the highest quality available

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With an eye for beauty and desire for accuracy, Delaware's Finest Hardwood Floors delivers only the highest quality available
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